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About Us

OPSEC International, LLC is a premier specialized law enforcement, security, private investigation, training and international consulting firm. We are a certified Service Disabled Veteran, Woman, and Minority Owned Small Business which commenced its operation in October 2008 with the concept of providing the finest specialized law enforcement, security, private investigation, training and consulting services worldwide. We recognized the requirement to provide these services to communities, businesses and conflict affected countries due to the increasing international crime trends. Most law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed, which decreases their ability to address all your needs with the attention and timeliness you desire.

Our services are customized to meet your requirements promptly and efficiently with the objective of providing them to you in the most professional and cost effective manner possible. We desire to keep you and your customers' safe in order for you to conduct your business and enjoy life in a secure and crime free environment.

OPSEC International, LLC is capable of operating at the local, national, and international levels with competent, knowledgeable, and efficient criminal justice professionals. OPSEC International, LLC employs only the highest quality personnel. Most of our staff possesses extensive military, law enforcement, security and legal backgrounds. Our personnel staff is professionally trained, licensed and insured specialists who are well prepared to handle your requirements.


  •  541690 - Security Consultant

  •  561210 - Facilities Support Services

  •  561611 - Investigation Services

  •  561612 - Security Guards and Patrol Services

  •  561613 - Armored Car

  •  561720 - Janitorial Services

  •  561730 - Landscaping Services

  •  561499 - All Other Business Support Services

  •  611519 - Security Guard Training

  •  928110 - National Security

  •  928120 - International Affairs

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