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International Consulting Services

OPSEC International LLC provides a wide range of international consulting services worldwide in several practice areas: Human Rights Development, Security and Justice Development, Acquisition and Procurement Development, Law Enforcement Development, Judicial Security Development, Corrections Development, Information Technology System Development and Language & Translation Support.

Human Rights Development

OPSEC International LLC’s human rights development practice has designed and implemented human rights development projects for Middle East countries. We strive to build and strengthen national human rights institutions, advance human rights law, disability law and policy reform, and lead participatory human rights education on a range of human rights treaties such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Security and Justice Development

OPSEC International LLC trains and advises members of the criminal justice system (police, courts, and corrections) on effective partnerships for improved public safety. Our significant experience in the U.S. criminal justice system and the U.S military provides unique perspective on the shifting challenges of pursuing stability, justice, and security in developing countries. Drawing on our knowledge and experience in responsive government, equitable and organized administration of justice, and professional preparation and supervision of military and law enforcement personnel, we strengthen crucial public services relating to public safety. Our expertise encompasses: promoting rule of law, strengthening public administration and security sector reform.

Acquisition and Procurement Development

OPSEC International LLC advises U.S. Government and commercial customers in government procurement, procurement ethics, and associated regulatory compliance matters. OPSEC International LLC has also provided procurement and compliance consulting services to several large defense contractors and other commercial clients.

Law Enforcement Development

OPSEC International LLC coordinates, instructs, advises and assists foreign law enforcement and security agencies in developing sustainable democratic public security systems. From our civil and criminal justice employment, our significant military background and our human rights expertise, our Law Enforcement Development practice focuses on law enforcement support and training solutions. Recognizing that law enforcement is a local endeavor, we collaborate with host-country counterparts to assess requirements and communities and thereby focus our advice, training, and mentorship on what will work, rather than what might be. Our effort promoting improved public service in law enforcement and public security includes: law enforcement training management and certifications; leadership, management, organizational development, and planning; public & private security advisory services.

Judicial Security Development

OPSEC International LLC instructs and provides technical assistance to Judicial and court security personnel. OPSEC International LLC assists with capacity building and force development efforts for new security forces that are responsible for protecting the courts, judiciary and judicial staff and that provided physical security to courts, and protection to judges, judicial investigators, attorneys, witnesses and courtroom staff in the performance of their roles in the judicial process.

Corrections Development

OPSEC International LLC advises, assesses and monitors the existing requirements of corrections authorities. OPSEC International LLC advises on system infrastructures, custodial policies & procedures, technologies and actual corrections facility security requirements. In some cases, OPSEC International LLC advises own the development and implementation of new corrections systems where none exist.

Information Technology Systems Development

OPSEC International LLC advises and assists on information technology challenges within criminal justice systems to achieve an integrated justice data management system. This integration consists of development and implementation of a secure network where information is available to all entities via network applications. OPSEC International LLC collaborates with organizations within law enforcement, judiciary, and corrections to assist with migration, merging and data verification, records management and archiving.

Language & Translation Support

OPSEC International LLC assists organizations with locating professional language assistants to support their programs or projects. These language assistants endure a series of examinations to ensure they possess the knowledge, skills and abilities required for professional language assistants.

For more information regarding our international consulting services, contact us at intl_consulting@opsecintl.com

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