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Law Enforcement / Security Services

OPSEC International LLC is a premier specialized law enforcement / security firm, providing specialized police or security officer services to privately held businesses, communities, public entities and government facilities. OPSEC International LLC offers a wide spectrum of services that are uniquely designed to ensure a timely, well planned and properly executed security program that allows our trained professionals to define a solid plan of action to eliminate any potential threats. OPSEC International LLC is dedicated to identifying critical security issues and implementing a security solutions or safety measures that are appropriate for the dynamics of your business or community.

Basic Services

Mobile Security (Patrol)

Marked vehicles will check your business, community or residence on a random basis, for a contracted number of times per day, to act as a viable deterrent to any possible criminal activity. A special police officer / security officer will check doors and windows to ensure that the property is secure, remove any trespassers, and investigate suspicious vehicles and other duties at your request. Such patrols can be site specific, or we can also provide a local security presence to cover a number of properties and venues.

Static Security (Stationary)

A special police officer / security officer will be on your property for the contracted period of time to provide law enforcement and security services to you and your customers. This includes loss prevention, customer service, fire watches and other duties at your request.  At short notice, OPSEC International LLC can arrange short-term, emergency static security for a site upon the request and instructions of a client.

Alarm Response

Upon notification of an alarm at your business or residence, we will dispatch a special police officer / security officer to check your facility and take necessary actions to ensure your property is safe and secure.

Key Holding

If your premises are sufficiently protected by an intruder alarm system, OPSEC International LLC can save you and your employees the risk and inconvenience of being called out when an alarm is activated. By safeguarding a set of your keys, we are on-call for any emergency response services that you require, 24 hours a day. All keys are stored in secure custody, unmarked, at our key holding facility or mobile unit, in accordance with regulatory standards.

Upon any alarm activation we will send a licensed security officer to check the premises, reset alarms and, if necessary, remain in the premises until your staff or alarm engineer arrives.All operations are carried out to high standards and with complete co-operation with law enforcement officials. Officers are fully monitored by our Control Center to ensure their total safety.

OPSEC International LLC is on-call to provide access for whatever the requirement; friends, family, your own contractors or delivery companies. In the event of an incident or emergency on-site and a contractor requires access, we will coordinate services to re-secure your property (e.g. property management companies, locksmiths, plumbers).

In the unfortunate event of having lost your keys of finding yourself locked out, OPSEC International LLC will meet the registered Lost Key nominee on-site to provide access.

Residential and Commercial Business Checks

If you leave your business / residential property vacant for any period of time, or are away on extended holiday, OPSEC International LLC can execute thorough external checks, as regularly as you wish, or as often as your insurance company requires, ensuring all is secure. This is comparable to our mobile patrol except it is for a shorter length of time.

OPSEC International LLC can also provide thorough internal checks of your property. We tailor-make the service for each site to include other services such as reading meters, checking for water damage and reporting on any littering, graffiti or other criminal damage.

Secure / Unsecure Properties

At pre-arranged times, OPSEC International LLC can arrange for your premises to be locked or unlocked, ensuring that the property is secure, whilst also removing any risks to members of staff holding keys out of hours.

ATM / Financial Institution Escorts

We will provide a police / security officer to accompany you while you service your automatic teller machines or make your daily bank deposit. Having a police / security officer with you will be a significant deterrent to any crime element.

Event Security

OPSEC International LLC provides security for some of the world’s most celebrated concerts, red carpet screenings and prestigious events. From Event Security at a small in-store autograph signing session to Concert Security within an arena, we can coordinate staff and secure any facility. Professionalism, training and customer service are what set our event security staff from the multitude of choices available. On a continuous basis we also consult nightclub management, and train their existing staff at on security issues. This consulting program saves business owners time and assists with prevention of potential liability issues from occurring.

Loss Prevention

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75 percent of all employees steal at least once, and that half of these steal repeatedly.The Chamber also reports that one of every three business failures is the direct result of employee theft. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, employee dishonesty costs American business in excess of $50 billion annually. Allow OPSEC International LLC to assess your current security situations and make recommendations. Our staff has logged thousands of hours working in some of the largest retail environments, and we put our experience to work for you.


OPSEC International LLC special police can investigate any crime committed on a property we provide services. If a crime is committed, the special police officer shall file a report and a police investigator will conduct an investigation into any illegal activities that occurred on your property; such as embezzlement, larceny, sale of controlled substances, etc. If enough evidence is gathered the special police officer will obtain the necessary criminal processes to charge the violators. The special police officer will then follow the case from the time of arrest through adjudication.


OPSEC International LLC special police officers have the powers of arrest. OPSEC International LLC security officers do not. Our security officers can only deter, detect and report crime, unless they are instructed by a police officer to apprehend an individual that has committed a crime. Any person found to be committing illegal activity will be dealt with immediately. Depending on the severity of the crime our special police officers may charge the individual on a citation or physically arrest them and transport them to the nearest Magistrate.

Specialized Services

Courier / Armored Car Services

Some companies who require secure armed courier and armored car services choose to use mass-market, franchised guard services to handle their valuables. Often at these franchises, an atmosphere of overworked and underpaid officers is evident. The issues occur when these same individuals are hired to transport and protect items that are important to you and/or your clients. We undergo extensive screening and background checks for all of our armed officers, all of which are supervised by the State of North Carolina. In addition, we continuously provide ongoing training and incorporate cutting edge technology. Our officers all routinely use GPS systems, motion detectors, and lead/tail vehicles. Upon assignment, prompt pick-up and delivery is guaranteed. Courier and armored car services include: Armed Asset Escorts (Domestic & International), Sensitive Data Courier Services and Air Courier Transports.

Key Fob Registration

OPSEC International LLC distributes ten (10) complimentary key fobs to businesses and homeowners yearly. These Key Fobs are individually numbered and labeled to provide identification of the key owner. Each key owner can register their Key Fob for FREE to give them total peace of mind. Once the key fob is registered, in the unfortunate event of you losing your keys, we have the ability to reunite you with them. This service is only applicable for customers who are in receipt of a Key Fob. If you have not received a complimentary key fob, OPSEC International LLC key fobs can also be purchased from corporate headquarters.

Site Security Assessments

Allow one of our experienced special police / security officers to assess the vulnerability of your commercial or residential property for burglary, robbery or other types of security breaches. We will recommend physical security measures as well as procedures for you to implement to increase your security and safety.

Threat Analysis

In order to be prepared, threat identification and analysis is essential. By analyzing possible threats, creating an organization that can function during crisis situations and developing detailed action plans; a crisis situation can be managed, understood and possibly prevented even before it occurs. OPSEC International LLC provides threat analysis, qualified process management and a structured process through our security intelligence service that delivers customized information about a wide array of threats that could affect your security. Our threat analysis service assists you to proactively protect your security with detailed analyses of global threat conditions.

Hostile Employee Terminations

Cease agonizing about a confrontation with an employee during a disciplinary or termination procedure. We will provide an officer to standby to deter any violent behavior and to intercede should any occur. We will also provide additional patrol or an officer to remain at your facility to prevent any type of retribution from occurring.

Emergency Response Planning

Emergencies such as fire, medical, hazardous material or workplace violence can occur at any time. Allow OPSEC International LLC security safety specialists to assist you in planning and preparing for these types of events in advance.

Emergency Response Team (E.R.T)

OPSEC International LLC’s Emergency Response Team is trained and equipped to manage emergency security situations that require additional equipment and skills outside the scope of the normal patrol shift. The Emergency Response Team also provides tactical operations such as high value asset escort, prisoner escort and tactical support to other law enforcement / security agencies.

Community Policing Programs

OPSEC International LLC collaborates with the community to increase their participation in crime prevention has been a tremendous success around the country. We facilitate meetings with businesses, neighborhood HOAs, apartment complexes or other community actors, to educate residents on how they can reduce crime and work with law enforcement to make their community safer.

Canine Detection

OPSEC International LLC detection dog services are available to assist our clients in providing a secure and drug free environment. Canine searches are an excellent method for identifying problem areas; when used on a regular basis they can be an effective deterrent for illegal activity. Ensuring a drug free atmosphere reduces the risk of lawsuits, accidents, lowers insurance costs and increases productivity and profits.

For more information regarding our security services or security service quotes, contact us at security@opsecintl.com

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