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Our Leadership

Cynthia A. Richardson-Carr

Mrs. Carr serves as the Chief Executive Officer / Chief of Police for OPSEC International, LLC. She provides strategic direction for OPSEC International, LLC and is involved in all contractual processes through policy and procedural development, service offerings, deployment, and customer assurance program initiatives. She offers a dynamic set of principles to the company's overall infrastructure and day to day operations.

Her business background stems from many years of working in the public and private sectors.   Mrs. Carr uses her extensive background, derived from 15 years of dedicated service to the U.S. military as a Police / Security Expert and Criminal Investigator and 22 years of service within civilian law enforcement as a Police Instructor, Patrol Sergeant and Criminal Investigator, to drive the future of OPSEC International, LLC and strengthen its leadership position in the Criminal Justice / Security industry.

She possesses a B.A. in Criminal Justice from Shaw University, a MBA & M.S. in Leadership from Pfeiffer University and several law enforcement certifications and licenses. Her experience assists with the implementation of comprehensive solutions for all current and future OPSEC International, LLC clientele. She is also a member in good standing with ASIS International.

Leon A. Carr II

Mr. Carr serves as the Chief Operating Officer / Director of Security and Investigations for OPSEC International, LLC. He has 21 years of dedicated service to the U.S. military and 17 years of service within civilian law enforcement. He specializes in the rule of law developing, managing and implementing international legal and judicial reform projects.  Mr. Carr has worked with international aid donors, U.S. and foreign embassies, international organizations and NGOs to provide legal and technical assistance to governments, judiciaries, bar associations, law institutions and law enforcement agencies. 


Mr. Carr has directed several training programs for judiciary, law enforcement and corrections, including security training for the Government of Iraq’s Higher Judicial Council, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Justice. He has built justice sector management capability and promoted rule of law development in Afghanistan and Iraq. Since 2009, he has managed multi-million dollar contracts, grants and interagency agreements designed to transform the justice system in conflict-affected areas. Mr. Carr possesses a B.A. from Shaw University in Criminal Justice and a M.A. from Madison University in Criminal Justice Management. He is also a member in good standing with ASIS International.

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