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Maintenance Services

OPSEC International, LLC offers a broad range of services to keep your business environment safe and operating efficiently. From janitorial services to heavy machinery maintenance, we can handle all of your company's outsourcing needs. Our janitorial teams are trained to work in highly sensitive areas, including around heavy machinery. Our personnel recognize the importance of safety around expensive and delicate equipment.

OPSEC International, LLC can also provide your company with building maintenance support. Our experienced staff can deliver large-scale support, including painting, and pressure washing, and qualified maintenance on all types of industrial equipment. You can depend on OPSEC International, LLC to deliver competent and dependable permanent workers. OPSEC International, LLC has the experience and the knowledge to help staff and maintain a productive industrial environment.

Some of the services we provide include:

    - Facilities Maintenance
    - Janitorial / Housekeeping
    - Grounds / Landscaping
    - Painting
    - Pressure Washing
    - Utility Cleaning

Facilities Maintenance Services

OPSEC International, LLC has the expertise and experience to effectively handle your total building maintenance requirements. Our staff can deliver large scale service support including: masonry, painting, pressure washing, roofing, drainage, flooring and parking lots. Our building maintenance service managers have 40 years of experience to insure that our associates are well trained to accomplish your service needs.

Janitorial / Housekeeping Services

A consistently clean and healthy work environment is essential to the health and safety of your employees as well as their productivity. However, hiring, supervising, and managing a janitorial staff is costly and time-consuming.

There are so many factors to consider:

    - Purchase and maintenance of equipment
    - Supplies - recurring
    - Training - start-up, recurring
    - Employee benefits
    - Liabilities - accidents, health
    - Employee reliability

At OPSEC International, LLC we handle all these issues and keep your facility immaculate from floor to ceiling and all those hidden places in between. We have the staff and management to provide comprehensive, customized janitorial, housekeeping and custodial service for a cross-section of demanding and environmentally-sensitive environments.

Grounds / Landscaping Services

Your grounds and landscaping set your company's image. It's also a major component of one of your largest investments - your building. If not well designed and continually maintained, exterior growth can create damage to your building resulting in costly repairs. Grounds maintenance is a must, but hiring your own landscaping people and purchasing the associated equipment is a major financial commitment as well as time consuming.

Our landscaping and grounds maintenance service can relieve you of the burden and allow you to focus on your business:

    - Qualified, trained landscaping professionals
    - State-of-the art equipment
    - Services tailored for your needs

For more information regarding our maintenance services or maintenance service quotes, contact us at maintenance@opsecintl.com

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