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Private Investigative Services

OPSEC International LLC is a leading private investigation firm with an exemplary history of delivering first-class investigative results in North Carolina and for clients nationwide. Whether you are an individual who has never used the services of a private investigator, or someone in law, insurance, or the business community, we provide both a personal and professional touch that insures your requirements are met.

Background Checks & Investigations

At OPSEC International LLC we perform a number of background checks dependent upon the nature of your requirements. From the simplest background check for a new hire to the most in-depth background investigations for executive positions or sensitive needs, OPSEC International LLC is able to present clients with a background investigation they can rely upon.

Service of Process

OPSEC International LLC provides service of process in North Carolina. We serve law firms, private parties, companies and corporations. Our experienced staff can reduce your turn around time and increase productivity by eliminating unnecessary idle days and providing accurate returns.

Domestic Investigations

Domestic investigations can range from marital infidelity to a variety of family matters involving loved ones. There are times when it becomes necessary for one to further explore the whereabouts, activities and interactions to verify a person’s given trust. In this type of case, OPSEC International LLC private investigators will utilize surveillance to document these events.

Divorce Investigations

Each divorce case that OPSEC International LLC investigates is handled on an individual basis and the methods of investigation vary. When juveniles are involved, a child custody investigation may be necessary to ensure the safety of the juvenile(s). Due to the sensitive nature of these assignments, please contact us to discuss your specific investigation requirements.

Legal Support & Testimony

OPSEC International LLC offers legal support and testimony services including, but not limited to:

  • Affidavits

  • Statements of Witnesses

  • Video Statements


OPSEC International LLC investigators use state of the art technology to investigate each case. The number of OPSEC International LLC investigators involved in surveillance is dependent upon the requirements of the client. Our surveillance activities can be either stationary or mobile depending on the situation and requirements of the client. Surveillance is billed on an hourly basis per investigator involved, plus mileage. Please inquire for more information regarding rates.

Workers Compensation Claims

Workers compensation investigations can confirm the validity of the claim and verify that the worker is entitled to the compensation they receive. Surveillance is often used to authenticate the claim by monitoring the activity of the individual. Eliminating false workers compensation claims allows more money to be designated for legitimate claims as well as limiting the loss of personnel and insurance money.

Covert Operations

Whether it is to uncover information from within an organization or to determine the client’s specific requirements, covert operations is the basis of many investigations. Covert assignments are unique and we provide highly trained investigators who are able to adapt to a wide range of situations and customize each case to service the requirements of the client.

Executive Protection / VIP Escorts

OPSEC International LLC recognizes the specific security requirements of national, state and local dignitaries and celebrities. Today’s executives and other high-profile individuals are faced with unprecedented corporate and personal risks requiring a higher level of security planning, coordination and management. OPSEC International LLC understands that clients require personal protection that does not impede on the client’s lifestyle. OPSEC International LLC offers a full range of discreet, personal and professional services designed to minimize risk while maximizing protection and mobility. If you require this service a covert agent will escort the principal or executive to and from their destinations to ensure their safe arrival and ability to conduct their business without interruption. Our agents are licensed, bonded and insured and are chosen from decorated backgrounds in military, law-enforcement and private sector security.

Witness & Domestic Violence Protection

Due to the current climate of violence in today’s society, witness and domestic violence protection is now a necessity in some legal cases. OPSEC International LLC provides capable witness and domestic violence protection throughout the State of North Carolina and abroad. OPSEC International LLC uses a skilled team of Executive Protection Specialists to maintain rigid security while remaining as covert as possible within the environment. Among other duties, OPSEC International LLC provides and arranges the secure transport of clients to and from any necessary court appearances they must attend. Due to the confidential procedures involved in this service, please inquire for additional information.

Travel Security / Protection

OPSEC International LLC recognizes the anxiety and frustration that comes with trying to make travel plans, especially when security or safety issues are involved. Let our executive protection team assist you with the preparation of these arrangements as a value-added service where we specialize in Corporate Travel Security domestically and internationally. Our goal is to make your travel as safe & secure as possible, all the while keeping your comfort and demanding schedule in mind. To accomplish this, we offer executive travel options using first-class transportation. Our associations and background give us a wide array of vehicles over land, sea and air to provide you with both domestically and internationally.

High Risk Protection

Safeguarding executives and other high profile personnel while in transit is an increasing challenge to security and safety personnel. Certain statistics indicate that one of the most vulnerable and crucial times in an executive or high profile person’s life are when they are in a vehicle. For those who require a higher degree of protection while traveling via automobile our executive protection division provides armored luxury vehicles nationally. OPSEC International LLC priority goal is to provide a safe and secure environment while in transit.

Asset Protection

Often clients require the transportation of valuables such as money, jewels, or software. In addition, certain proprietary information is valuable, and represents a significant loss to the individual if stolen. OPSEC International LLC offers transportation and escort services to clients internationally. Advise us of your scheduled travel arrangements and we will manage the rest. If you have been the victim or potential victim of a crime, our trained staff will assess the threat level and take effective countermeasures. Due to the confidential procedures involved in this service, please inquire for additional information.

For more information regarding our investigative services or investigative service quotes, contact us at investigations@opsecintl.com

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